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Around the globe, individuals are embracing a conscious lifestyle, geared towards unlocking their full potential and conquering challenges in finance, career, and health. Join the movement towards a harmonious and productive life—it’s your turn to steer a positive change and propel yourself towards your goals!

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Section 1. Programming Foundations with JavaScript, HTML and CSS

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20 Hours
15 techniques
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What Can You Experience by Choosing this Course?

Turn the chaos of your mind into harmony and live a peaceful life.

Reprogram your mindset to cultivate positive thoughts and manifest positive outcomes.

Get equipped with self-healing techniques to revitalize your body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Elevate the power of your imagination to new heights by infusing it with exceptional energy and creativity.

Empower Your personal and professional journey by achieving formidable goals.

Unlock heightened capabilities through mental training and mastery of your mind.

Get deep & sound sleep to awaken refreshed, revitalizing your mornings with energy.

Harness the potential within by tapping into your dreams and the power they hold.

Unleash the power of your intuition and pave the way for a purposeful life.

Turn Your Struggles Into Success

Ever wondered why some people effortlessly succeed while you tirelessly work towards your goals, feeling like success is just out of reach? It’s time for a self-check! It’s the ingrained beliefs, daily stress, sleep struggles, family pressure, confidence issues, and more—especially your mindset—that have been running the show for years. The Silva Method mind control techniques offer a chance to reprogram your life, break free from limitations, and change your thinking. Reshape your thoughts, and stride confidently towards your goals.

Are you Set to Thrive at Every Stage of your Life?

The significance of Silva Method

Ever wondered why some are seemingly fortunate to undergo profound breakthroughs while you grapple with financial challenges, health issues, and unfulfilled potential? Mind science research suggests that realizing desires—whether abundance, career success, well-being, happiness, or spiritual enlightenment—depends on a specific mental state!

The Alpha and theta levels of mind – Achieving this state is possible through the Silva Life System. Gaim transformative insights and overcome life’s fluctuations by tapping into the power of your mind at these levels. The Silva Life System offers a path to align your mindset, fostering success, fulfillment, and stability in both professional and personal spheres.

What You Will Learn ?

Learn the skill to naturally ease into a restful sleep, avoiding the use of medications and their associated drawbacks, so you can wake up every day feeling genuinely refreshed and revitalized.
Develop strategies to combat both physical and mental fatigue, ensuring prolonged alertness and heightened productivity as needed, allowing you to wake up without dependence on an alarm clock.
Master headache control to alleviate tension and migraines without resorting to medications. Gain the ability to manage and relieve headaches naturally, promoting well-being without relying on pharmaceuticals.
The Silva Method hand levitation technique empowers you to guide yourself into the theta level, unlocking deeper states of consciousness and self-discovery.
Employ this mind control technique whenever you seek information or guidance, tapping into its power to navigate your thoughts and find solutions effectively.
Overcome habits like smoking, unhealthy eating, nail-biting, and address various challenges, experiencing positive transformations in your behavior and lifestyle.
Gain mastery over physiological pain and, in numerous instances, manage bleeding and hemorrhaging through the application of learned techniques and control mechanisms.
Cultivate the ability to awaken at your chosen time without relying on an alarm clock through consistent practice and the application of effective awakening techniques.
Discover the skill of recalling dreams and accessing their insights for creative problem-solving. Unveil a valuable source of information in your dreams to enhance your ability to tackle challenges.
Enhance your ability to swiftly reach the alpha level, facilitating the retrieval of lost items and accessing valuable information that may have slipped your mind through focused techniques.
Master the skill of projecting and refining your visualization and imagination capabilities, unlocking the potential to create vivid mental images and enhance creative thinking.

Silva Life System

৳ 7,500
৳ 10,000

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