Money Manifestation Mastery

Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind to Attract Placid Money 🧠 In 8 Hours

Master the Art of Manifesting Abundant Money - By Dr. Faruq Kalam- Mind Scientist & Life Coach

Why Attend this Class ?

I will be Your Trainer for Money Manifestation


Dr. Abul Kalam Faruq

Doctorate in Mind Science, 22+ years of experience in Life Coaching, Certified Instructor, and BD Country Director of the Silva method.

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Date : 5th - 6th January, 2024

Timing : 6:30 PM - 10:30 PM

How this Workshop will bring Change your Life

Is this you?

I have Abundant Wealth, but

The Money Manifestation Class will Teach you, How to

Rewire your Subconscious Mind

Reprogram your subconscious mind by learning practical techniques to attract greater wealth into your life.

Identify/Remove Wealth Blockers

Learn to use your subconscious mind or intuition to identify wealth blockers and apply mind control techniques to remove them.

Develop an Abundance Mindset

Cultivate a mindset abundant in possibilities, prosperity, and positivity, paving the way for a life with limitless potential.

Programming Mind For Instant Money

Apply the Silva Method manifestation techniques to resolve financial challenges and attract money within a short time.

Transform Liabilities into Asset

Turn liabilities into assets, converting financial burdens into valuable resources for growth and prosperity.

Attract More wealth and stay Rich

Draw wealth, and develop lasting prosperity with habits that ensure sustained financial abundance.

This could be your Life

Shape a Financially Liberated Future

Mold your destiny by fostering financial freedom, and making choices that pave the way for lasting prosperity.

Embrace Abundance and Serene Wealth

Ensure your wealth brings both happiness and peace of mind, never leaving room for discontent.

Scale Up Your Business and Career

Achieve new heights in your business and career by scaling up, unlocking potential for growth and accomplishment.

Build a Brighter Present & Future for Family

Establish a brighter present and future for your family, building joy and prosperity through deliberate actions and wise planning.

This Training is Perfect for you If you Want to Achieve any of These Goals

Instant Money-Making Ability

Become Rich and Peaceful both

Manage Your wealth

Stress & Worry-Free Life

Higher Confidence

Constant Financial Growth

Stable Financial Bonds

Decision-Making Proficiency

Supercharge your Financial Health with Dr. Faruq Kalam

Meet Dr. Kalam, a certified Silva Method instructor and the country director of Silva Method Bangladesh, boasting 22+ years of mind training and management expertise. As a mind scientist, he has transformed countless lives by skillfully programming their subconscious minds. With a remarkable journey, Dr. Kalam has imparted over 27,000 hours of insightful lectures and provided life coaching to 8,000+ individuals.

Widely recognized in Bangladesh and East India, his mastery in mind training has elevated lifestyles, leaving a profound impact. Join his transformative journey and unlock the secrets to a better, more empowered life with Dr. Kalam.

Get Your Financial Freedom Now

The Ultimate Money Manifestation Session

৳ 3,000
৳ 5,000

What you will learn:

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Virtual session?
The session is scheduled to take place on January 5th and 6th, with a duration of four hours each day from 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm. Bangladesh time. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect, learn, and collaborate in a dynamic virtual environment.
On the day of the sessions, join with the Meeting link received on your registered Email ID.
Is it worth investing in the MONEY MANIFESTATION CLASS?
Investing in the Money Manifestation class can be a positive step towards aligning your mindset with financial abundance. Learn how to resolve financial challenges and attract money within a short time.
Who can join these classes?
Everyone is welcome but these classes are especially for those who want Freedom from Financial Burdens and stress and want to ensure sustained financial abundance. These classes will help to reprogram their subconscious mind by teaching practical techniques to attract greater wealth into their life.
What are the benefits of this workshop?

â—Ź Empower yourself to attract wealth within an hour

â—Ź Recognize and Remove Barriers to Ensure a Seamless Flow of Money
â—Ź Attain Freedom from Financial Struggles and Stress
â—Ź Cultivate a Positive and Abundant Mindset to Embrace a Fulfilling Life

৳ 3,000
৳ 5,000
৳ 3,000
৳ 5,000
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