Basic Lecture Series

The Original Basic Lecture Series (BLS-4)

The heart of the Silva Method training.

At the core of the Silva Method training lies a proven and time-tested educational program. With scientific validity and successful replication across diverse populations worldwide, we confidently assert that there’s no magic involved – or, if you prefer, the magic is undeniably real.

Course Content

Section 1. Programming Foundations with JavaScript, HTML and CSS

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৳ 13,000

40 Hours
25 techniques
Online Zoom Call
Upcoming Event : 1st – 8th March, 2024
Time : 7pm to 11 pm (BTD)

Flexibility in Planning and Teaching

Gaining accurate guidance for crucial life decisions.

Sleeping naturally without using any medicines and waking up fully rested.

Receiving an instinctive nudge or a clear plan that propels you toward your goals.

Tapping into a limitless storehouse of information in your mind

Harnessing your innate mind power to manifest goals.

Building richer connections for healthy and stronger bonds

Enhancing your memory and boosting your ability to recall information effectively.

Achieving mastery over stress and mitigating the impact of stressors in daily life.

Expanding your learning capacity, enhance memory retention, and cognitive flexibility.

Create a Life that You Truly Desire

At Silva, we believe everyone can achieve profound, life-changing transformations—it’s not reserved for the lucky few. Success in using meditation and imagery to reach goals isn’t just about luck; it’s about practicing the right techniques. We recognize that a crucial aspect is overcoming personal barriers—those habits and beliefs holding you back. It’s not just about what you want; it’s about understanding what’s stopping you and learning how to overcome it!

Ready for a Life-Changing Training Experience?

Why to learn The Silva Method ?

In the landscape of personal development, the Silva Method Foundation Course (BLS) serves as your portal to profound transformation. This enlightening experience leads you to the keys to unlocking your full potential, offering a rich legacy of empowerment and self-realization.

The Silva BLS Course Online provides tools to expand your mind, conquer challenges, and manifest aspirations. Beyond a course, it’s an extraordinary opportunity to rewrite your story, instigate positive change, and embrace a brighter, more fulfilling future. Join us on this path to personal growth today, where empowerment and self-discovery converge to shape a new chapter in your life.

What You Will Learn ?

Many students decide to continue with the Silva Method in more advanced programs on intuition or healing. Any advanced learning that you want to do will be entirely up to you and will only be made available after your program is complete.
Master the art of operating at the alpha brain wave level with conscious awareness, unlocking the potential of engaging both brain hemispheres instead of relying on just one.
Acquire the power of relaxation techniques to alleviate stress, enhancing your well-being and productivity. Learn how to stay calm amid noise and chaos, ensuring external stressors don’t impact you.
Learn the skill to naturally ease into a restful sleep, avoiding the use of medications and their associated drawbacks, so you can wake up every day feeling genuinely refreshed and revitalized.
Develop strategies to combat both physical and mental fatigue, ensuring prolonged alertness and heightened productivity as needed, allowing you to wake up without dependence on an alarm clock.
Optimize your goals with Mental Screen—Streamline success with precision, ensuring effectiveness in reaching your objectives. Unlock your potential with focused clarity.
Develop the ability to program yourself for success, grasping the guidelines for achieving goals and solving problems. Appreciate the pivotal role of attention and intention within this visualization approach.
Explore an informative method by which your brain provides relevant information predominantly while awake. Also, master the skill of making the right and sound decision-making at the right time.
Learn a method to break free from limiting habits or addictions such as smoking or drinking, fostering ongoing personal growth. Identify five life signals indicating the need for positive self-change.
Harness the power of directing your mind through visualization and imagination, unlocking the ability to attract your desires effortlessly, and using human intelligence to shift from average to exceptional functioning.
Cultivate the skill of fostering and sustaining a positive mental attitude, empowering yourself to navigate challenges with optimism and resilience by building this mindset contributes to personal growth.
Improve your life by getting rid of stress. Boost your immune system, and your health partner, for overall well-being—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
Ditch limiting thoughts, beliefs, and negative language to propel your life forward. Clearing your mental space is crucial to unlocking your full potential. Your creativity knows no bounds!
Eliminate thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that hinder your progress and don’t align with your purpose and goals. Clearing these obstacles paves the way for a more congruent and purpose-driven path toward success.
Discover the skill of recalling dreams and accessing their insights for creative problem-solving. Unveil a valuable source of information in your dreams to enhance your ability to tackle challenges.
Master headache control to alleviate tension and migraines without resorting to medications. Gain the ability to manage and relieve headaches naturally, promoting well-being without relying on pharmaceuticals.
Boost your visualization, imagination, and memory skills with Memory Pegs. This technique enhances your ability to recall information by creating mental hooks that anchor and amplify your memory capabilities.
Acquire the skill of accessing the theta brain wave level, enabling you to address and resolve deep-seated issues—a journey into the theta state to effectively correct problems residing at profound levels of consciousness.
Master the art of pain control and accelerate the healing process. Acquire techniques to manage pain effectively, facilitating a faster and more efficient recovery for enhanced well-being.
Intuition, often referred to as the “Sixth Sense,” is an inherent quality that you possess from birth. The Silva Method enhances your innate intuition, empowering you to make better decisions, overcome daily challenges, and tap into your sixth sense for a smoother life.
Master the art of aligning your mind with the realm of thought energy for exceptional performance. Elevate your brain to the pinnacle of super genius through deliberate control of your thoughts, willpower, and actions.
The extraordinary Silva Method technique empowers you to establish a reference point, allowing access to information about a distant location even when you’re physically elsewhere.
Utilizing the unique mind control technique of the Silva Method, two counselors are created at the alpha level of your mind. These counselors serve to assist in problem-solving, providing support and guidance at your mental level.
Harness the power of the Silva Method’s mind control technique to create two counselors at the alpha level of your mind. These counselors are developed to assist you in problem-solving.
This Silva Method technique, allows you to scan your entire body and identify potential threatening diseases by tapping into altered states of your mind. Utilize this unique approach to analyze and detect health concerns effectively.

The Original Basic Lecture Series (BLS 4)

৳ 13,000
৳ 20,000

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