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Are you truly experiencing life, or merely getting by?

Master your Mind & Life with Silva Method Programs

In the hustle of life, we’re all chasing our dreams, dealing with needs, wants, and the desire to keep up in this fast-paced city. Every day is a struggle to fulfill these aspirations. Yet, in this journey, stress, anxiety, frustration, self-doubt, shattered confidence, and negative thoughts often tag along, posing hurdles to our growth.

With scientifically-proven mind control techniques in our guided meditation program, the Silva Method empowers you to reprogram your mind. It’s like a mental makeover, helping you reprogram your mind to focus on what truly elevates your life, propelling you toward your goals. It’s not just a method; it’s your key to a better, more empowered you.

We've Done the Research

Founded in the 1960s by self-taught mind scientist Jose Silva, the Silva Method Mind Control Meditation is backed by proven techniques. Starting with Silva’s own children, it led to improved grades, sharper instincts, and increased efficiency. The success caught on, and is now embraced by various organizations, it’s considered the original and most impactful U.S. meditation program. With specialized guided imagery, the Silva Method helps rewire your subconscious, unlocking your true potential.

Reprogram your mind with the Silva Method

From eliminating stress to manifesting your dream life to coming in direct contact with higher intelligence, the Silva Method offers a range of courses as a dynamic-guided meditation audio program.

Silva Life System

Participate in life changing events that help you overcome obstacles, live a stress-free life and makes your life more manageable.

Silva Intuition System

Tap into your natural-born superpower—intuition. It’s not just a skill; it’s trainable. Boost it up, and start making the best decisions for your life.

Basic Lecture Series (BLS)

Harnessing the power of a positive mind to boost health, relationships, achieve your goals and get the most of your life.

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Progress in all Areas of your Life

No magic tricks here, just the science of betterment! – Where in your life do you aspire to grow?


Improve your well-being using Silva Method’s mind-body techniques.


Amplify success in your professional journey with Silva Method.


Explore your entrepreneurial potential and drive your growth.


Deepen your connection with your inner self and explore spiritual growth.


Supercharge performance and mental resilience in sports.


Cultivate meaningful connections and refine relationship dynamics.


Fine-tune learning and cognitive abilities with educational applications.


Fortify your parenting skills and foster a harmonious family environment.
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Hours of hands-on learning through our courses
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of our students come from 4 continents and over 40 countries

Silva Method Mind Control Online Courses

It’s not a magic wand to improve your life, It’s a science of progress; where do you want to improve?
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৳ 7,500

৳ 10000

20 Hours

Silva Life System

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৳ 7,500

৳ 10000

20 Hours

Silva Intuition System

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৳ 13,000

৳ 20000

40 Hours

Basic Lecture Series

Ready to Take Command of Your Mental Well-being and Embrace Transformation?

Behind the Evolution

More than 50 years The Silva method has been taught around the world.

Jose Silva

Founder of Silva Method

Mahee Quazi

Pioneer Silva Method in Bangladesh

Dr. Abul Kalam

SCI (Silva Certified Instructor)

Stories of Success and Empowerment with The Silva Method

Do you seek to heal naturally?

Jose discovered the amazing power of our body’s ability to heal itself, pioneering what we now call “Mind-Body Healing.” Through the Silva Method Bd, we aim to share this technique, helping people overcome physical pain and serious illnesses like cancer. In our graduate program, we focus on healing and sending positive energy for a speedy recovery. If you’re facing a challenge or in need of urgent support, click the button below to request healing!

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