Explore the unique discoveries of Jose Silva offered as a Guided meditation Program for you to transform your mind
Silva Method: A History of Proven Records

For half a century, the Silva Method has empowered students to craft success stories. The Silva Life System stands out by teaching scientifically proven techniques that diverge from traditional, passive forms of meditation found in typical ‘mind empowerment’ programs. Engaging in active meditation within the alpha brainwave state through the Silva Method unlocks more of your brain’s potential, igniting tangible, profound, and enduring transformations. Consider the Silva Method as a workout for your mind, conditioning it to collaborate with your goals rather than hindering your progress.

The Silva Method Courses

Complete Silva Method course

৳ 13,000

Basic Lecture Series

40 Hours
4.9 (845 reviews)
Mind Control

৳ 7,500

Silva Life System

20 Hours
4.8 (569 reviews)

৳ 7,500

Silva Intuition System

20 Hours
4.6 (534 reviews)

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Yes, every Tuesday, at our office premises. Time: 4:30 – 5:30 PM

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