Basic Lecture Series (BLS)

The Original Basic Lecture Series (BLS-4)

The heart of the Silva Method training.

LearnThe Silva Method educational program has passed the time test in terms of scientific validity and replication, worldwide, in many diverse populations, that can proudly state there is no magic, or if you want “the magic is real.”

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It is the basis from which the Youth seminar, the BLS-2 and the BLS-3 (which are much shorter), the Silva Life System (SLS) and the UltraMind ESP Systems seminars derived. By attending the original BLS-4 seminar your learn much more than any one of the other seminars

What you will learn?

Fundamentals Come First

Many students decide to continue with the Silva Method in more advanced programs on intuition or healing. Any advanced learning that you want to do will be entirely up to you and will only be made available after your program is complete.

Alpha Functioning

Learn to function at the alpha brain wave level with conscious awareness and experience the power of using both brain hemispheres instead of just one.


Learn relaxation techniques to relieve tension and stress, keeping you healthier and more productive than you have ever been before. Relaxation is the first step of the ladder to success. Learn to relax whenever you want, even in the midst of noise, turmoil and stressors without allowing the surrounding “chaos” to affect you in the least. The benefits of relaxation are now reported on a daily basis in prestigious journals, being acknowledged by traditional medical schools, validating the more than 40 years repeated results of the Silva Method educational program.

Sleep Control

Learn to fall asleep without the help of drugs (and their undesirable side effects) and wake up feeling completely refreshed and rested.

To Awake Control

Learn to wake up without an alarm clock.

Awake Control

Learn to reduce fatigue (physical and mental), stay awake and be alert longer so that you can get more done when necessary.

Mental Screen

Set and achieve your goals effectively and efficiently.

Mirror of the Mind

Learn to program yourself for success.

Glass of Water Technique

Learn to use the Glass of Water Technique to help you make the right decisions.

Weight and Habit Control

Learn to get rid of bad habits, replacing them with new good habits.

Visualization and Imagination

The two faculties of human intelligence, is what makes the difference between mediocre and genius functioning. Mastering their use opens any door you want at your will. The graduate of the Silva Method educational program becomes a master in directing their mind through visualization and imagination to attract what they desire.

Positive Thinking

Learn to develop and maintain a positive mental attitude.

Stress Management

Enhance the quality of your life by eliminating stress. Strengthen you immune system, your health ally, for perfect health, physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

Mental House Cleaning

Become aware and eliminate negative thoughts, negative beliefs and negative language that limit your evolution to advance in life. Cleaning of the mental environment is of utmost importance in unleashing the fullest potential in you. The creative ability is in you! Check if your mental environment needs cleaning or it is cleaned. If the mental environment is clean and positive, your life reflects this! Through the application of Mental House Cleaning, we teach the principles that allow the light to shine through you and attract the blessings you deserve.

Cancel – Cancel

Cancel out thoughts beliefs and behaviours that hold you back and are incongruent with your purpose and your goals.

Dream Control

Learn to remember dreams and tap into their information to solve problems.

Headache Control

Through headache control you will learn to relieve tension and migraine headaches without the use of drugs.

Memory Pegs

Memory Pegs will help you to improve visualization, imagination and memory.

Hand Levitation

Learn to enter the theta brain wave level so you can correct problems that reside at these deep levels.

Glove Anesthesia

Learn to control pain and speed healing.


Learn to develop your natural intuitive abilities by experiencing them in a group setting.

Become a Master

Become a master of the science of orienting your mind at the level of thought energy, for genius performance. Optimize your brain at the level of super genius by controlled thought, will and action

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