Ramadaan Rejuvenation: Connecting Consciousness with the Almighty

A Free Introductory Masterclass on Exploring Ramadaan’s True Essence

The primary goal of Ramadan is to establish a connection with the Almighty, Allah. Muslims globally honor this sacred month through various Islamic practices, aiming to unite their innermost consciousness with the divine essence. However, it’s crucial to reflect: Are these actions merely habitual, or do they genuinely foster a deep sense of connection within you?

Why Join this Free Introductory Class ?

Upcoming Masterclass: 27 Days Ramadaan Rejuvenation

Master the four Dimensions to connect deeply with the Almighty Allah

By Faruq Qalam, Mind Scientist and Certified Mind Development Trainer

In this Masterclass You’ll learn:

Date and Day : Starting on 11th March, 2024, Monday.
Timing : 10 – 11 PM (BDT)
Fee : ৳ 2700
Format : Online Via Zoom

Why Should You Attend this free Masterclasses?

Introduction to the Purpose of Ramadan

Understanding the Basics of introspection and self-surrender.

Exploring Conscious Awareness Techniques.

Brief Overview of Connecting with the Creator.

Tips for Cultivating Happiness and Inner Peace.

Talk of the Town

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Frequently Asked Questions

This masterclass is an introduction to awakening your true consciousness and guiding all Muslims across the globe toward the true practice of Islamic rituals for the holy month of Ramadaan.
Yes, this masterclass is free.
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