Learn To Generate More Problem-Solving Ideas

People sometimes ask if the Silva Method techniques always work. I don’t know of anything that works every time, but the Silva Method techniques work so much of the time that they are an extremely valuable tool to use on the challenges we face in life.

There could be many reasons why you might not get the results you program for. The time might not be right, or the project itself may need to be altered.What could you do if your programming is not working the way you think it should work? Here are some ideas that I have used myself and that I recommend to graduates who ask such questions.


The first step, of course, is to practice regularly. That means every single day. It is best to practice going to level for five, ten or fifteen minutes, two or three times a day.

When you enter level, make sure that you relax and remain at your level. You need to learn to establish deep, healthy levels of mind. There are aids available to help you do this, such as the Alpha Sound tape recording, and the Trainer 1 and other biofeedback instruments.

You also want to make certain that you are applying the mental techniques correctly. Review your manual and make sure you are doing them exactly as I wrote them. The wording is based on many years of research, and it is the very best we could come up with.

Some people want to modify techniques because they think they will work better for them. This could be true, but first practice with the techniques the way I wrote them. After you are successful, then you might try changing them to suit yourself.

Check your desire, belief, and expectancy – your faith. Desire is a vital factor. The more desire you have, the more energy you have towards reaching your goal.

You can increase your desire by thinking of more reasons why it will be beneficial for you to achieve your goal. If you have five reasons for wanting to reach the goal, you have a certain amount of desire. You will have more desire if you think of ten reasons for wanting to succeed.You can increase all three factors – desire, belief, and expectancy or hope – by repeating mentally or verbally what it is that you want to accomplish. It will continue to get stronger and stronger until you have enough mental energy to reach your goals.


Most people, when they first graduate from the Silva Method, program for things. They program to get things, to do things, and perhaps to be a certain way.

This is one type of creative work; for you are creating for yourself just the kind of life and lifestyle that you want to have.

But there is another way to utilize your creative potential.

Let’s say you have been programming for something, and it has not yet manifested in the physical world. Your faith is strong, you are applying the techniques properly, and it is a project that will benefit everybody, yet you still are not getting results.

In that case, you can use your techniques to determine what to do next. In other words, at your level, with the use of your Silva Method techniques, come up with some creative ideas to guide you in your future efforts.

Good techniques for this are Dream Control Step 3, Glass of Water Technique, and Laboratory and Counselors. Mirror of the Mind could be used for this also, as you mentally picture yourself in the white-framed mirror learning what you must do to reach your goal.

It all becomes easier and more effective with practice. I know graduates who have been practicing for ten years and more, who use the techniques very effectively, who tell me they continue learning new ways that the Silva Method can help them live the kind of lives they desire.

If you work, so does the Silva Method.

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