Money Mastery Free Masterclass

Money Mastery Free Masterclass

Solve Your Financial Problems with
Silva Method Free Masterclass

Can you achieve abundant wealth while maintaining inner tranquility? Discover the paradox of wealth and peace. Join our free masterclass to uncover the secrets to financial security and a peaceful life.

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Dr. Abul Kalam Faruq


Mr Debasish Chatterjee


Mr Debayan Sen

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Date : 13th April, 2024

Timing : 9:00 PM (BDT)

Why Attend this Class ?

What financial challenges will be tackled in this Masterclass?

An Overview of the Silva Method

The Silva Method provides a solution through its teachings of meditation and relaxation techniques. These practices aim to rewire and reprogram our minds, leading to profound life transformations. By regularly engaging in these proven techniques, our perspective on life can undergo significant changes


Moreover, the Silva Method incorporates advanced dynamic meditation training and various other mind empowerment tools and techniques. The Silva Method techniques, act as guides on the path to positive transformation, aligning us with our goals and aspirations. Remarkably, many individuals have reported experiencing health benefits through the Silva Method when conventional medications and doctor visits proved insufficient.

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Basic Lecture Series

4 Days Online Seminar

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₹ 20,000

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Is This You ? I Have Abundant Wealth, but

This Training is Perfect for you If you Want to Achieve any of These Goals

Instant Money-Making Ability

Become Rich and Peaceful both

Manage Your wealth

Stress & Worry-Free Life

Develop new income sources

Constant Financial Growth

Stable Financial Bonds

Decision-Making Proficiency

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we struggling for money?
Our 90% of people block their minds in childhood. We create fear of money, doubt, etc.
How do we know that we have a money block?
When we experience our needs and resources are not balanced, we are suffering continuously, which means we are in a money block.
What is the actual meaning of a money mindset?
A money mindset refers to the beliefs, attitudes, and perspectives individuals hold about money and wealth. It encompasses the conscious and subconscious thoughts that influence financial decisions and behaviors.
How can we earn more money easily?
Need to learn the Proper mindset, proper skill, and perfect action. The Silva Method teaches you how to use more power of your mind and earn peaceful money easily. Step-by-step formula.
How can we achieve financial freedom?
When you learn, how your money works for you, how people are working for you. When you learn the auto income-generating system. Need Silva Mind training.
How can we sustain our money?
Need to learn the law of giving, Money and your Thought process, Money and your emotion, Money and your feelings.
How do we overcome our money crisis?
Learn to use how we can alter our mindset, need to learn Alpha-level practice. ALPHA LEVEL gives you all the solutions to a money life.
Harness your mind’s untapped potential and contribute to reshaping the world.
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