27 Day Ramadaan Rejuvination: Journey through the Four Dimensions

" A Complete Spiritual Session in the light of Holy Quran."

Inner Voice Activation Masterclass: 27 Days of Spiritual Awakening

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Islamic Principles and Practicing Roza

Prayer, remembrance, and supplication are the three fundamental practices of Islam that bind all our religious and sacred practices like Ramadan and Roza. Prayer is not only an obligatory worship in Islam but also a means to enhance one’s relationship with the almighty Allah. Remembrance refers to the constant recollection and praise of Allah’s name. And supplication means making heartfelt requests and worship to Allah without agitation.

This sacred practice helps us to develop discipline towards Allah, achieve spiritual purification, and cultivate patience. We all know that during fasting, one must abstain from food and drink from sunrise to sunset. But here’s a question:

Do we practice “Roza” (fasting) in accordance with Islamic principles or due to”

How Roza should be practiced in its true sense?

This is exactly what this masterclass will help you with. This masterclass aims to guide Muslims towards practicing Roza (fasting) in its true essence. It seeks to transform the fear-based mindset and provide guidance towards the righteous path of Islam. Participants will learn to utilize the four dimensions to connect with the creator- “Allah”, activate inner wisdom, and manifest desired lives.

Highlights of this Masterclass?

Understanding the purpose of Ramadan and Roza.

How to keep one's mind in check.

How to use conscious awareness

Correct usage of left and right brain in beta

What should be the right way of living?

What do introspection and self-surrender mean?

How and why connect with the creator

Ways to lead a happy and peaceful life.

What is the purpose of connecting with the universe

How to achieve goals quickly?

A Gist of What You Will Learn





Convey to the creator

Activate inner Voice & Wisdom

Course Curriculum

What benefits will you gain by participating?


ভিডিও দেখাও

Dr. Abul Kalam Faruk
SCI (Silva Certified Instructor)
Director, Silva Bangladesh

Meet Your Trainer

Hello, I’m Abul Qalam from Bangladesh, and I’ll be your trainer/instructor for this masterclass. Here’s a bit about me:
I was born in Bangladesh in 1967 and graduated in 1998 with a degree in Medical Science from ICAM. Later, I pursued postgraduate studies in Herbal Medicine from ICAM. I began my career as a General Physician and also ran a clinic in collaboration with the charitable organization Rotary Club of Bangladesh. My passion lies in helping those who are unable to afford medical care.

In 2001, I was introduced to various seminars by Bangladesh’s Silva legend, Mr. Mahee Quazi, and went on to attend over 40 of them until 2005. From 2006 onwards, I trained under Mr. Quazi, serving in various roles such as organizer, manager, and instructor. I’ve also been an integral part of ISOMETRIC LTD.

My interests include traveling, history, books, music, and exploring spiritualism and positive thinking. Over the years, I’ve learned invaluable lessons from my experiences and mentors, which have shaped my mission to bring positivity and healing to the people of Bangladesh.
My mission is to empower 160 million individuals in Bangladesh by sharing knowledge and tools to help them overcome stress and limiting beliefs. I aim to achieve this by providing accessible training courses, fostering support networks, promoting holistic practices, and integrating these teachings into education and communities.

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