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Only Authorized Concern to Run Silva Courses in BD by Headquarter

Silva Method BD (Bangladesh) is known as Silva Bangladesh, the only promoter of Silva Method in Bangladesh. Mahee Quazi is the pioneer of Mind Science in Bangladesh. He is the Guru of everyone especially who are now working in Mind Science Industry of the country. He has introduced Silva Method for first time in Bangladesh. He established an organization named ISOMETRIC and promoted Silva Method based on it. After his (Mahee Quazi) departure Mrs. Mahee Quazi was the incharge of ISOMETRIC. In 2008 Mrs. Mahee Quazi transferred the charge of ISOMETRIC to Mr. Sayeed-Ur-Rahman. Then he tried to revive the ISOMETRIC with delightful. But due to different circumstances ISOMETRIC has postponed it’s activities and functions. To Continue Silva Method in Bangladesh “SILVA Bangladesh” is appeared under the direct supervision of Mrs. Mahee Quazi. By her Supervision Silva Method Headquarter (Laredo, Texas, USA) has authorized “SILVA Bangladesh” to promote Silva Method in Bangladesh. Now “SILVA Bangladesh” is the only organization to promote Silva Method in Bangladesh. And Mrs. Mahee Quazi has given the charge of “SILVA Bangladesh” to Dr. Abul Kalam. This is clear that, The Silva Method which is promoted by “SILVA Bangladesh” is the main stream of Silva Method of Guru Mahee Quazi. Moreover, this is the only organization in Bangladesh which deals with all types of Silva Method Services to all Silva Graduates (from Mahee Quazi to present) and all people of Bangladesh.